All Updates- What’s Going On?

Hello everyone,

This is an update to say what has been going on. A lot of information on what is happening in my life. Let’s begin with saying sorry for the delay in updates on – some health issues in the last year has kept me from posting often a lot.

First, thank you for support. The magazines that you can find my writing and photography in are as follows:   Blurt Magazine,, Metal Temple magazine, and ONE EDM. There is a couple of more that are new to me writing for, so once I am published I will post about it (the names of them are Vanguard Online music magazine and 247Ink magazine). I’ll be published in them over the next two weeks. I will be doing some guest writing and photography for other magazines over the next few months as well.

Now I do have something new to share with you all. I have a new monthly subscription box. It is Rave Kandi Love, it is 10 to 15 bracelets with a little something extra thrown in each month. The website can be found  here  . It is something new that I will be doing.

Anyway I will have more in the next post.

Thank you



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